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How Can A Dealership Improve the Sales by Using CRM And Web?

In order to increase sales in a business, it is required to increase traffic on the website. If your current marketing strategy is not giving you more customers, then you may need to tweak your marketing strategy to get more traffic at less cost. CRM and the Web are two important strategies that when used properly can help you improve sales in the business.

Let us know more about the right way to increase sales in the business with these two technologies.

Leadership commitment:

In order to achieve internet success, it is important that the entire management team including the general manager as well as the general manager get involved and stay committed to accomplishing the plan from the starting. Taking support of an external consulting firm can also help you facilitate your initial strategy meetings.

Car XRM is one of the leading suppliers of auto dealer CRM. Inclusion of this tool helps in effective engagement of customers through various modes that lead to better customer experience.

Define and support Internet sales model

Depending on the dealership size, ou may need a dedicated Internet department to deal with lead volume. You can even set up a CRC or a customer relationship center that deals with all Internet traffic and inbound phone. Clearly state your strategy and support it with the right set of people, budget, and tools.

Define your web marketing strategy:

To drive more traffic to your virtual dealership, it is important to develop an impressive Internet marketing strategy that would include an animated and high-end bulk e-mail campaigns. Develop and execute a focused marketing strategy that is fast, convenient, affordable and measurable for customers.

Recruit, and train the right set of people:

Another way to increase success of your business on web is by recruiting the industry’s highly successful web marketing and sales staff.

Create a profile and a clear state work description for different positions in the department. In this way, you will be prepared to put more sales staff on the job to meet the growing lead volume effectively. Luckily, when you have a web marketing system in place, it automates a lot of the process, so that you can handle more leads easily with less number of people.


  • Where the web enables you to measure returns better than any other medium, CRM tool helps in managing as well as measuring all the opportunities obtained by advertising. Inclusion of both these powerful systems will help your business to improve gains.

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